The Sweetest Thing

Whoever came up with the moniker "terrible twos" clearly never went on to have a three- or four-year old. For us, two was easy. It was three, and now four, that threw us for a loop. That's not to say that Will isn't a great kid, but trust me when I say that we have our days. Those days usually end with threats of selling said child to the circus, the gypsies, or simply the highest bidder (kidding, of course). But really, those are the days when I sit in wild wonder--where did this child come from and when will my sweet, mild-mannered, well-behaved child be returned to me? That said, he is a wonderful little boy, full of imagination and spunk and always willing to give hugs and kisses. So today as we exited the Costco parking lot and I heard that sweet voice of his say, "Mommy?" I had no idea what was going to follow. Imagine my surprise and the melting of my heart when he continued with, "I love you." Now we've always been a pretty lovey-dovey family, full of public displays of affection and proclamations of love. It's rare, however, for Will to say it on his own, rather than as a response to someone else. So today, despite a hiccup here or there, is a good day in my book.